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Lorenco Steel: Ontario’s Concrete Reinforcement Innovation Leader

Making the construction industry better is at the heart of Lorenco Steel. We’re challenging. We’re innovating. We’re doing things differently. The right way. Every day. We innovate every area of your business, removing the pain of concrete reinforcement and improving people’s lives.

Our Services Include

Team Approach

From design to field support, when you work with Lorenco our entire team – including sales and in-house engineers – provides live support during your entire project.

Manufactured in Canada

We are a proudly Canadian company with a mission that’s focused on:

  • Canada Manufacturing

  • Quality Control

  • Our Community

  • Our Employees

  • Our Intellectual Property

Short Timelines

Converting a project to Lorenco takes just a few days – not a few months – saving you time on the job.

Dedicated to Advancing the Concrete Industry

Advancing not just our company, but the concrete industry as a whole, is a key part of our mission statement.

We have an inventive culture and focus leadership in innovation and improvements that make the industry better.

Proven in the Field

After hundreds of millions of square feet and tens of thousands of successful structures, Lorenco has been proven in the field and has many happy customers who can attest to our advantages in a wide range of applications.


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